Criterion SDCloud®
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Criterion SDCloud® is topology independent and can additionally be connected to customer physical networks and labs through secure connections.
Yes. Criterion SDCloud® generates all configuration and policy information as part of the bring-up process. The platform provides full validation capabilities plus built-in automation to deploy into production.
Yes. Criterion SD-Cloud® in inherently multi-vendor. The platform includes a subset of vendors in the standard library and more can be added via a bring-your-own-license capability. We have customer examples with Cisco, Silver Peak, Versa and Nuage.
Yes. Criterion SDCloud® has built-in endpoints (desktops/traffic generators/sinks) to setup and run applications along with full connectivity to public cloud and customer private cloud resources.
Yes. Criterion SDCloud® is full-extensive and can be used to test various customer’s native tool sets based on the connectivity framework provided by the platform. It is also possible to install and run the tool set from within the platform itself if the tool available in a virtual form factor and the required licenses are provided.
Yes. Criterion SDCloud® has built-in endpoint capabilities to run end-user application and create desktop experiences. These endpoints can have full connectivity across legacy and new network elements along with full access to public and private cloud resources.
Criterion SDCloud® is capable of supporting up to 50 nodes based on standard configurations and capabilities. Additional node configurations available on request.
Yes. Criterion SDCloud® is 100% a SaaS offering with pay-as-you-grow capabilities as needed. The company also provides consulting and professional services for custom needs and engagements.

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