Criterion Networking Academy accredited to administer and award IPv6 Forum silver and gold engineer certifications

Bangalore, India, January 16, 2014: With the world moving towards the adoption of the IPv6, Criterion Networking Academy, provider of hands-on trainings, certifications in emerging network technologies, announced today that its comprehensive suite of IPv6 training and certification offerings were awarded the gold certification by the IPv6 Forum.

Criterion Networking Academy is the first India based organization to receive IPv6 Forum accreditation for silver and gold certified certification programs from IPv6 Forum, worldwide consortium with a mission to advocate the adoption of IPv6 technology.

The content for IPv6 training and certifications is developed by Srinivas Vegesna, an active CCIE for the last 19 years. The course is developed based on many years of wide ranging network deployment experience in IP network technologies, design, deployment, testing and operational troubleshooting with special focus on IP network design, routing, Quality of Service (QoS) and security solutions.

“The next generation of the Internet or the ‘Internet of Everything’ will invariably be based on IPv6. Criterion Networks is focused on developing a comprehensive IPv6 practice that helps organizations and businesses with their IPv6 strategies and transition plans. We are delighted to be the very first organization in India to receive IPv6 Forum Silver and Gold Certifications for our IPv6 certification exams,” said Srinivas Vegesna, CEO & Founder of Criterion Networks India Pvt Ltd.

The Government of India has already come up with ‘National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap Ver. II’ in March 2013. In the roadmap, it has been elaborated that in order to have a seamless IPv6 transition with minimum disruption due to human error or lack of knowledge, it is of utmost importance to develop skilled IPv6 trained human resources within the organization. There is a need to define IPv6 training and certification programs at par with the global standards and based on industry best practices. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is making efforts to define IPv6 training courses and empaneling training organizations for central and state government entities.

“I am very happy to see India-based IPv6 Forum accredited training and certification programs as this would not only help in developing a larger IPv6 talent pool in India but also foster faster IPv6 adoption in India,” said Mr. RM Agarwal, DDG (NT), DoT, India.

Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum, added “IPv6 is getting increasingly deployed in the Internet today. I am glad to see an India-based certification program to receive IPv6 Forum accreditation. I am sure Criterion Networks and Criterion Networking Academy will be major contributors for IPv6 learning and adoption in this geographic region.”

By successfully completing IPv6 Forum certified programs offered by Criterion Networking Academy, IT professionals will be able to demonstrate that they have attained IPv6 knowledge and skills at Silver and Gold Engineer levels and include them as part of their professional credentials.

About Criterion Networking Academy

Criterion Networking Academy, division of Criterion Networks, provides hands-on trainings, workshops and certifications in emerging network technologies to corporates and network professionals. Currently, the academy has training and certification offerings in two major emerging technologies: IPv6 and Software Defined Networking (SDN). For more information, please visit

About Criterion Networks

Criterion Networks provides emerging network technology deployment solutions and services to network vendors, early adopter customers and network professionals.

Criterion Networks develops technology practices with service offerings for IPv6 network infrastructure and SDN network architecture transition. Its technology practices offer network consulting and deployment services as well as develop deployment-focused applications and tools that help seamlessly deploy new services and technologies into the network.

Aligned with this mission, Criterion Networks also offers new skills training, certification and interoperability testing services in IPv6 and SDN technologies.

About IPv6:

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest revision of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers and other end-devices on networks and routes traffic across the Internet (source:

About IPv6 Forum:

The IPv6 Forum is a worldwide consortium of leading Internet vendors, subject matter experts, service providers and National Research & Education Networks (NREN), focused on advancing IPv6 by improving industry knowledge. Key initiatives include providing technical guidance for the deployment of IPv6, and organizing informational summits in various locations around the globe. For more information, please visit