Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Foundations

Course Description

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is gaining increasing traction in the industry based on the promise of reducing both CAPEX and OPEX using COTS hardware. NFV decouples the network functions such as NAT,Firewall,DPI, IPS/IDS, WAAS, SBC, RR from proprietary hardware appliances. It utilizes standard IT virtualization technologies that run on high-volume service, switch and storage hardware to virtualize network functions. NFV involves the implementation of network functions in software that can run on a range of industry standard server hardware, and that can be moved to, or instantiated in, various locations in the network as required, without the need for installation of new equipment.

Hands-on Lab exercises will be done using the NFV solution sandboxes that are hosted in Criterion SDCloud Platform.

Labs Covered

  • Building Virtual Networks with VxLAN
  • Openstack – VM management, Network Creation, Security Policies
  • Virtual Network Functions Management (VNFM)
  • Virtual Network Functions Orchestration (NFVO)
  • Container Network Functions


Knowledge of basic Unix / Linux commands will be good to have.

Target Audience

Technical Leaders/Managers Software Engineers (Dev/Test) Network Support Engineers/DevOps Engineers
Technical Marketing Engineers Network Administrators/Engineers Sales/Systems Engineers

Information on Hands-on Labs

Participants need to have the below requirements to be able to do hands-on exercises.

  • Modern Laptop computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
  • Internet Access to Lab setup on Cloud
  • SSH connectivity to Lab VM



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