Criterion Networks Drives Network Transformation with On-demand SD-WAN Solution Environments

Criterion enables service providers and MSPs with hosted and custom environments for service creation, go-to-market (GTM), customer proof-of-concept (PoC) and learning needs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Criterion Networks, a leading network transformation enabler, today announced full availability of its Criterion SDCloud® platform for service providers and managed service providers (MSPs). As service providers are actively working towards evaluating, designing and creating SD-WAN managed services for their enterprise customers, Criterion Networks is enabling them with on-demand, custom SD-WAN solution environments for service creation, GTM, customer PoC, and learning needs.

Addressing SD-WAN Requirements of Service Providers and MSPs

Criterion SDCloud platform

Today, enterprise customers seek use-case solutions, preferably delivered as a managed service, to further their business agility and secure digital infrastructure needs. Customers are also keen to experience the use-cases and evaluate and onboard the right solution to meet their unique requirements. Given most adoption plans are brownfield projects, customers also need to understand and evaluate their integration and migration needs for phased deployment.

While addressing the demands of enterprise customers, service providers are challenged to offer differentiated managed services that strengthen their market positions and best meet each customer’s unique needs. “Leading analyst research shows that almost 95 percent of enterprises expect to be using SD-WAN within 24 months, so service providers are rushing to bring managed services to market and engaging customers on their SD-WAN journey,” said Srinivas Vegesna, CEO of Criterion Networks. “Across SD-WAN, Security and other virtual network service use-cases, Criterion accelerated customer PoC time by 70 percent while providing excellent customer engagement and user experience. Full availability of Criterion SDCloud—with newly added service creation enablement capabilities—means we can broaden our global MSP and service provider partnerships for long-term growth.”

Tata Communications IZO™ SDWAN focuses on reducing complexity for its customers, enabling them to build an agile and secure digital infrastructure. This involves reducing the customer evaluation and onboarding time while still meeting each customer’s unique requirements. Tata Communications is partnering with Criterion Networks to deliver a hosted virtual SD-WAN environment for conducting Sales Demos, supporting PoC sandboxes, and designing—using Criterion Designer—customized deployments.

“The Criterion Networks hosted IZO™ SDWAN Sales Demo is a great way to engage our customers and quickly showcase the immediate value of our solution,” said Song Toh, vice president of product, managed network services, Tata Communications. “The other Criterion modules, including the learning labs, PoC sandboxes and Designer, are valuable for our engineering and operations teams to equip themselves with highly advanced technologies, and design customized environments to address unique customer requirements.”

Going Live

Criterion’s enablement cloud complements the service provider’s production cloud, allowing for seamless migration of validated customer PoCs and new install designs from the Criterion cloud to the production cloud. Service providers are able to rely on Criterion to design, develop and validate most success criteria for a new service creation, a customer PoC or a new install project.

“Criterion SDCloud platform addresses the lifecycle enablement needs of service providers to accelerate their service creation and customer activities,” said Vegesna. “Not only does Criterion Networks equip service providers and MSPs for their service creation and operation needs, but it also delivers an exceptional solution evaluation and adoption experience to engage their customers.”

Criterion also provides consulting programs and fully customizable hands-on Learning Labs tailored for skills development to ramp up customers on the new software-defined use-cases.

About Criterion Networks

Criterion Networks offers an industry-leading Enablement Cloud to accelerate the network transformation needs of MSP, VAR and Enterprise customers. Criterion SDCloud® platform equips customers with custom enablement cloud and hosted services to meet lifecycle needs across service creation, go-to-market (GTM), customer deployment, and operations. Criterion supports requirements for all networking use-case solutions of interest including SD-WAN, Security, VNS, Container Networking and 5G Network Services. For more information, visit

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