Criterion Networks Transforms Test & Certification Experiences for Managed Service Providers

In today’s competitive world, MSPs need an edge Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face significant challenges in today’s competitive market from architecting complex multi-client, multi-vendor deployments, to protecting clients from an ever-growing number of cyber threats, to validating end-to-end solutions against aggressive timelines. Today, validation and certification processes are manual, and inherently slow, expensive, error-prone, and […]

Thinking SASE Transformation? Use Criterion SDCloud to Answer These 3 Guiding Questions to Get There

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architectures are rapidly gaining ground as enterprises look to modernize and transform their network and security infrastructure to better accommodate for cloud computing and distributed workforces. Popularized by Gartner in their 2019 report ‘The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud’, SASE represents the confluence of SD-WAN and cloud security […]

Network Transformation Enablement with Criterion SDCloud®

Network Service providers and Enterprises are facing new opportunities and highly disruptive business models fostered by rapid evolution of technology. Network virtualization, Cloud and Automation are key driving factors in today’s network transformation. Virtualization and cloud enable rapid development and help bringing in automation and programmability to networks. This growing network virtualization demand requires a […]

Enterprise Digital Transformation With SD-WAN And 5G

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for almost all enterprises globally. Many companies are embracing the mobile, video, cloud and IoT technologies in order to stay competitive and relevant with the ever-growing demands from their customers and partners. Most CEOs, CTOs and CIOs agree that the risk of going out of the business […]

Does your PoC cost you an arm and a leg?

Proof of Concepts or PoC’s in current world are an integral part of sales cycles. It is common for organizations to go through a gruelling phase of product PoC before approving any product.  The process is so common, that today’s vendors have a dedicated team of engineers working to make the PoC successful. While this […]

Evolution Of SD-WAN

In 1997, the first IETF MPLS working group was formed. MPLS technology was evolving very fast and everyone in the industry was busy in writing standards for Layer-3 VPN, Traffic engineering and other areas in MPLS. Internet was growing faster than ever and by Year-2000 MPLS became a de-facto standard for connecting critical network for […]

Hosted Sales Enablement Solution for Next Generation Networking

Action expresses Priorities — Mahatma Gandhi Actions shows the priorities for the organizations and sales team’s action in particular defines the success of the organization. Success is not achieved by one team in the organization, but sales team plays one of the most critical role in organization’s success. In the beginning of the year, sales leadership is […]

Network Automation: Road to Programmable Networks

The world of networking is undergoing a major shift over the past few years. Micro services and containers in application stack has put new challenges to networking engineers across enterprises to build a faster and leaner network stack. Greater visibility into end-to-end network flow and granular control is another big requirement. It means that organizations […]

Enabling Intelligent Branch with SD-WAN and Kubernetes

Introduction For any financial or commercial establishment, a branch is the important touch point with their customers. In addition, the majority of an enterprise workforce today work out of the various enterprise branch locations. The traffic originating from enterprise or commercial branch locations has seen an exponential trend in the past few years primarily contributed […]

Criterion Networking Academy accredited to administer and award IPv6 Forum silver and gold engineer certifications

Bangalore, India, January 16, 2014: With the world moving towards the adoption of the IPv6, Criterion Networking Academy, provider of hands-on trainings, certifications in emerging network technologies, announced today that its comprehensive suite of IPv6 training and certification offerings were awarded the gold certification by the IPv6 Forum. Criterion Networking Academy is the first India based organization to […]