Network Automation using Ansible – CST

Ansible has gained popularity in recent times for network automation as well as server automation. Network engineers are beginning to use ansible to automate regular network tasks and increase the efficiency. This specific workshop introduces the Ansible concepts along with related YAML, JSON and Jinja2 templates. Many terminologies and constructs will be discussed during the course. Hands-on exercises will be performed on a complex enterprise network topology to model the existing router and switch configurations, generate templates and use ansible to automate the configurations. Finally, we also cover the server automation to deploy apache web server and mysql database using ansible. This will help to understand how the same concepts learnt for network automation can be re-used for server automation as well.

I. Workshop Training Modules

Day 1 - Introduction to YAML and JSON

Introduction to YAML and JSON

  • Traditional Network Design
  • Data Models
  • YAML
  • JSON
  • Scalar Values
  • Simple Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Complex Data Types
  • Case Study – Complex Enterprise Network Topology
  • Hands-on exercises

Introduction to Jinja2 templates

  • What is Jinja2 template?
  • Complex data objects and Loops
  • Variables, Macros
  • Python methods in Jinja2
  • IP address handling
  • Case study – Complex Enterprise Network Topology
  • Hands-on exercises

Introduction to Ansible

  • Ansible automation engine
  • Ansible playbooks
  • Configurations from Jinja2 templates
  • Ansible Roles
  • Case study – Build device configurations using Ansible
  • Hands-on exercises

Day 2

Ansible Deep Dive

  • Ansible Variables
  • Play and Task execution
  • Error Handling
  • Introduction to Networking Modules
  • Executing commands on Routers and Switches
  • Simple command based playbooks
  • Retrieving device facts
  • Get JSON data from network devices
  • Case Study – Complex Enterprise Network Topology
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Ansbile for Server automation
  • Prepare the server setup
  • Deploy Apache Web, Mysql Database using Ansible

II. Pre-Requisites

Prior knowledge of networking fundamentals, TCP/IP

III. Target Audience

Technical Leaders Software Engineers (Dev/Test) Network Support Engineers
Software Engineers (Dev/Test) Network Administrators/Engineers Sales/Systems Engineers

IV. Information on Hands-on Labs

Participants need to have the below requirements to be able to do hands-on exercises.

  • Modern Laptop computer (Windows or Mac or Linux)
  • Internet Access to Lab setup on Cloud
  • SSH connectivity to Lab VM
  • Cisco VIRL will be used to simulate Cisco routers and switches on Cloud

Select Date

07/07/2023 to 07/08/2023

Session timings:  8:30AM – 4:30PM

5000+ Participants served

4.7+ out of 5 Participant satisfaction scores

Individual Lab(s) for each Learner

Good Content, very good introduction part about SD-WAN

The instructors demonstrated profound knowledge about the topic, labs were well prepared

The whole lab was excellently organized and set up. Kudos to the team!