Cloud Security with Cisco Umbrella

Deep dive into the various security services provided Cisco’s Umbrella, Cisco’s SIG(Secure Internet Gateway), and illustrates the benefits enabled by cloud-delivered security. Participants will learn in detail about the services and their features, including Umbrella’s SWG with full proxy, firewall as service with L3-4 and L7 capabilities, and CASB services. Participants will learn how Umbrella enables branch transformation, increases security posture, DNS-layer protection, allowing for secure XaaS adoption and supporting customers’ cloud strategies.

I. Module 1

  • Cloud and Internet, DIA
  • Security challenges
  • Latest trends and state of cybersecurity

II. Module 2

  • Introduction to Cisco Umbrella
  • Cisco Talos
  • SASE convergence
  • Roaming Client

III. Module 3

  • DNS-layer security
  • DNS overview
  • DNS attacks
  • DNSCrypt and DNSSEC
  • Umbrella Integrations
  • Umbrella policy configuration
  • Umbrella Risk score
  • Hands on labs

IV. Module 4

  • Web gateway
  • File Type Controls
  • Category or Domain Based Selective Decryption
  • Tenant Restrictions
  • App Blocking & Granular Controls
  • Malware Sandboxing
  • SWG Endpoint Client
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Hands on labs

V. Module 5

  • Cloud-delivered firewall
  • Umbrella SIG
  • Tunnel Availability and Failover
  • L7 Based AVC
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Hands on labs

VI. Module 6

  • SaaS usage controls (CASB)
  • Cloud Malware
  • Functionality
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Hands on labs

VII. Module 7

  • SD-WAN integration
  • Auto-registration
  • Smart account integration
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Hands on labs

VIII. Module 8

  • DNS vs. SWG
  • Umbrella : Big Data & Malware Analysis
  • Umbrella for Android
  • Umbrella Virtual Appliance
  • Umbrella Dashboard
  • Correlated threat intel
  • Licensing and packages

X. Information on Hands-on Labs:

  • Network Security Knowledge
  • CCNP level understanding of concepts
  • Deployment knowledge of TCP/IP networking

IX. Pre-Requisites:

  • Participants need to have the below requirements to be able to do hands-on exercises.

    • Modern Laptop computer (Windows or Mac or Linux)
    • Internet Access to Lab setup on Cloud
    • SSH connectivity to Lab VM

II. Target Audience

Technical Leaders/Managers Software Engineers (Dev/Test) Network Support Engineers
Technical Marketing Engineers Network Administrators/Engineers Sales/Systems Engineers

Select Date

5/15/2023 to 5/16/2023

Session timings:  8:30AM – 4:30PM

5000+ Participants served

4.7+ out of 5 Participant satisfaction scores

Individual Lab(s) for each Learner

Good Content, very good introduction part about SD-WAN

The instructors demonstrated profound knowledge about the topic, labs were well prepared

The whole lab was excellently organized and set up. Kudos to the team!