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Virtual CPE

The Criterion Virtual CPE (vCPE) solution provides a framework for service providers to deploy cloud-based customer premise equipment for residential and enterprise customers. Our vCPE solution allows for simpler but much more capable provisioning, administration, customization, and rapid deployment of new services. The Criterion Cloud CPE solution is based on the CORD architecture championed by the ONOS community, which offers an open-source, virtualized, cloud-based service delivery model for network operators.


  • Seamless upgrades, monitoring, troubleshooting, and support
  • Customizable platform eases deployment of new services
  • Lowers overall maintenance cost through CAPEX and OPEX savings
  • Integration of third-party services

Key components

The reference architecture from Criterion Networks for the vCPE solution builds on several aspects of the community project and provides the following key capabilities.


  • Virtualize core CPE services on the provider cloud.
  • Partial and complete virtualization of CPE service functions.
  • Services can be customized per subscriber and/or per device.
  • Ability to deliver value-added services.


  • Based on open architecture.
  • Multi-vendor validated CPE service templates.
  • Choice of controllers and virtualized network function (VNF) managers.


  • Deployment on different types of public and private cloud infrastructures (through integration with Criterion’s SDCloud platform)
  • Support for both overlay and underlay architectures for cloud deployment


  • Monitoring, fault management, service recovery, and re-instantiation
  • Validated solution configurations



  • Residential subscriber services (vCPE functions) delivered as data plane services on Openstack.
  • Network control provided by ONOS control application.
  • Fabric provisioning, deployment, administration, and monitoring through Criterion Network’s SDCloud platform.
  • XOS as orchestrator to deliver multi-tenant services
  • Interface to OSS systems through TOSCA

vCPE Solution Roadmap

  • Choice of XOS or Tacker as VNF manager.
  • Virtualization of different access layer functions.
  • Choice of network controllers