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SDCloud Enterprise Academy Platform


SDCloud Enterprise Academy Platform provides select eLearning modules and a large portfolio of on-demand SDN/NFV Learning Labs with detailed hands-on exercises for self-paced learning internal to your organization. It is a full-service, hosted platform which will be white-labeled for your organization. Criterion Networks will be responsible for the platform, the hosted labs and the learning content and will provide maintenance and user support for the platform, the hosted labs, and the learning content.

This offering targets individuals in an organization who need to ramp up on SDN/NFV technology domain. It also caters for continued learning of individuals who went through such training previously or who are generally aware of these topics, but lack the time or wherewithal to access a ready-to-use Lab and premium lab exercise content for effective hands-on learning.

Criterion Networks can also accommodate some customization of the labs and the learning content based on organization requirements. The platform caters to any number of users at a click-of-a-button and with access for on-demand personal lab for each user for their hands-on learning needs.