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Criterion SDCloud is a SaaS platform which provides a way to develop, validate and demonstrate SDN/NFV solutions in a matter of minutes.

SDCloud Enterprise is a enterprise SaaS platform customized to the needs of an organization. Customers will be able to on-board their specific solutions/sandbox/learnings to make them available on-demand but integrating with Criterion Cloud Provisioner

Criterion Cloud Provisioner is the orchestration engine which makes any solution/sandox/labs available on-demand. It comes with features such as flexible scaling, multi-node deployment, self-healing to ensure that the solution/sandbox/labs provisioning is consistent across multiple spinoffs.

Organizations can choose to deploy their solution either on virtual or physical infrastructure comprising of different configuration based on their solution functional/performance needs.

The platform also offers add-on features such as user management dashboard which allows the enterprise platform admin to assign roles, administrate users and platform usage.

SDCloud Enterprise platform can be customized to include organization logo and landing pages.

Criterion Networks will also offer 24×7 support for the platform which includes both email and on-call based support.

Criterion SDCloud Solutions

Criterion’s on-demand platform delivering a variety of cloud based solutions.

Run an OpenStack based virtual environment with a choice of SDN controllers and VNF’s in the public cloud. Automatically provision and deploy fully isolated multi-node SDN/NFV solution environments.

Targets networking professionals who are building their skills or contributing in the SDN.NFV.OpenStack technology domains.

Development and Test

On-demand scalable platform for deploying multi-vendor SDN/NFV solution sandboxes based on a menu of solution options.

Sales Enablement

Deploys pre-defined SDN/NFV solution use cases at a click of button. Allows users to showcase a specific solution on-demand.

Self-Paced Learning

Self paced Learning platform with structured SDN/NFV curriculum for quick ramp up on relevant technologies and solutions.


The Criterion SDCloud Platform is powered by the Criterion Cloud Provisioner, a self-reliant, multi-node orchestrator that ensures that a sandbox comes up with the required state each and every provision time.

As an example, setting up a simple 5-node OpenContrail sandbox takes anywhere between 2- 3 days of continuous effort to become fully operational. Even after that, the reliability of the environment is very difficult to maintain.

Contrast that with the same sandbox in Criterion SDCloud: 15-20 minutes to provision, with unparalleled stability and reliability.

The Criterion Cloud Provisioner takes a “sans master-slave” approach to deployment. Rather, the entire provisioning is based on a multi-master concept – each node acts as its own master and configures itself based on the assigned role, ensuring dynamic scale and support.

In addition, the Criterion Cloud Provisioner’s auto-heal, service discovery, and orchestration features ensure that each and every sandbox/ lab/solution is always stable and ready for use, once provisioned.


Key Usage Metrics

SDCloud Features and Benefits

On-Boarding to SDCLoud will ensure significant saving in terms of both Capex and Opex since the solution is completely deployed on cloud which can scale based on an organisation needs.

Organizations can increase their time to market or production by ensuring their employees can have the entire solution on-demand without having to worry about the stability of their solution.

On-Demand learning with labs will ensure their employees can learn quickly and practice their concepts on the labs to further strengthen their concepts.

The platform can also be utilized to provide a way to showcase a company’s solution/product to their end-customers as well. This will provide the customers a way to evaluate the product and thereby reducing the overall sales cycle.

How to Engage

To know more about how you can use Criterion SDCloud in your environment, please get in touch with us at