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ODL or OpenDaylight is an open source platform for Software Defined Networking (SDN) that uses open protocols to provide centralized, programmatic control and network device monitoring. OpenDaylight supports OpenFlow, as well as ready-to-install network solutions as part of its platform.

The below sections explain the ODL cluster configuration with SD (software-defined) cloud which includes the following:

  • Node Configuration
  • OpenStack Cluster details

Node Configuration Details

The following diagram indicates the ODL node configuration details.



  • Ethernet Interface – eth0
  • openstack-odl-ctrl (x1)
  • opendaylight-ctrl (x 3)
  • openstack-odl-cp (x 2 no’s)
  • OVS (Open vSwitch x 2) – ‘br-int’ and ‘br-ex’
  • Internal Connectivity
  • External Connectivity

Connection Details

  • All the nodes in cluster are connected with a single ‘eth0’ interface.
  • There are two compute nodes ‘openstack-odl-cp1’ and ‘openstack-odl-cp2’and each have two OVS switches ‘br-int’ and ‘br-ex’.
  • A vxlan tunnel ‘vxlan0’ connects the two compute nodes providing L2 connectivity between user VMs in compute nodes.
  • The ‘Openstack-odl-ctrl1’ node has ‘subbr’ bridge for external connectivity for user VMs.
  • ‘vxlan+42’ is connected between ‘subbr’ and ‘br-ex’ in openstack-odl-cp1 nodes and ‘vxlan+43’ is connected between ‘subbr’ and ‘br-ex’ in openstack-odl-cp2 nodes.
  • ‘subbr’ is connected to ‘eth0’ through which it can access internet.