CORD Learning and Development with Criterion Networks

CORD Learning and Development with Criterion Networks

Criterion Networks, a network transformation partner for enterprises and service providers, continues to support innovation and deployment needs for Central Office transformation through the open source CORD project. Several new offerings based on the Criterion SDCloud ® Platform were announced recently to help network operators understand, adopt and experiment with different components of the CORD architecture.

To fulfill the demand for skills development in CORD and related SDN, NFV, Cloud technologies, Criterion Networks, in collaboration with the ONF, has developed the CORD Primer Learning Labs. These online learning labs offer hands-on exercises that help users familiarize themselves with the CORD environment and undertake their journey of network transformation. From understanding basic concepts to providing all the tools required to build a CORD POD for development and evaluation needs, the Learning Lab is the perfect solution for someone who is familiar with CORD technology but might not have the time or access to a ready-to-use lab.

CORD Learning Labs as Part of a Portfolio of Offerings

Criterion Networks has a number of Cloud based solutions like CORD-in-the-Cloud (CiTC) and learning labs that in combination provide robust choices for building skill sets around these exciting new technologies.  Criterion demonstrated CiTC, CNLabs NFV Test Framework and the new cloud based Learning & Evaluation platform at the India Mobile Congress in September 2017.

The India Mobile Congress was the biggest conference of its kind in India and was organized by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), a group that represents most of India’s leading telcos. More than 300 exhibitors and delegates from several nations participated in the event held at India’s capital to exchange views and demonstrate their products and services.

There was good interest from operators and system integrators at the India Mobile Congress on R-CORD/M-CORD solutions, SDN for Transport Layer Optimization.

The CNLabs NFV Test Framework is a flexible vendor agnostic, customizable platform for validating complex NFV architectures and solutions. The NFV test framework supports ONAP, OSM, XOS and other major open source orchestrators today. CNLabs also did a joint demonstration with XENA networks on how VNF validation can be undertaken using XENA traffic generators and an on-demand SDCloud solution like CiTC.

CiTC has been offered as an enterprise platform to ON.Lab users for over 6 months now and allows one click provisioning of the CORD solution. CiTC instantiates the entire framework of OpenStack, ONOS and XOS on a cloud infrastructure using different virtual machines. CiTC is extensible to more complex configurations based on customer needs.

CORD Primer Learning Labs will be available starting Nov. 7 to enable CORD skills development for organizations and individuals. Users can learn more about the product and the offerings at CORD Build 2017 build from Nov 7-9 in the Silicon Valley.

Learn more and try out the CORD Learning Labs by clicking here.