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Large Enterprise

IndustryLarge Financial


Large financial enterprise customer requires their IT staff reskilled on SDN/NFV technology domain.
IT staff should develop a good understanding of the company’s SDN/NFV deployment platform.
Hands-on SDN/NFV skills such that they can start contributing to the company’s SDN/NFV roadmap.



Point SDN/NFV courses that provide only basic learning over a 2-3 day period only that don’t translate to results.
No Available Test beds to SDN/NFV learning.
Test bed cost and long setup times make it expensive and resource intensive for companies to invest.
No program that can provide SDN/NFV project experience and skills targeted the company’s reference SDN/NFV platform.


Solution & Results

Full-service SDN/NFV Skills Transformation program which provides the core SDN/NFV knowledge and hands-on project skills needed to contribute to company SDN/NFV roadmap.
Custom SDCloud Enterprise Portal for Customer.
Classroom SDN/NFV Instruction and SDCloud hosted Self-Paced SDN/NFV eLearning.
SDCloud Engineering Sandboxes used to provide on-demand private SDN/NFV solution lab for all participants.
Capstone SDN/NFV hands-on projects with project support and consulting from Criterion Networks.