CORD in the Cloud is now available on Criterion SDCloud Platform

Cord-in-the-Cloud (CiTC) is a deployment of CORD where the entire framework comprising of OpenStack, ONOS and XOS is brought up on a cloud infrastructure in a distributed setup. CiTC is offered on Criterion SDCloud, an on-demand solution orchestration platform and allows for one for one click provisioning of the CORD solution which can be used for learning, development and test needs. The community version of  CiTC is available on ONLab SDCloud Enterprise Portal .

CiTC, OpenStack with ONOS and various other OpenStack integrated SDN/NFV solutions are also offered as pay-per-use offerings as part of the learning programs offered by Criterion Networking Academy.

Criterion SDCloud is a highly scalable platform used by customers to develop, validate and scale test their solutions on a variety of hardware infrastructure options.

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