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Network operators are in the midst of unprecedented challenges in the recent times. The usage growth due to proliferation of video traffic, LTE traffic and global public IP traffic is outpacing today’s networking efficiency Innovation. While operators were averaging at 2% CAGR, OTT providers were able to grow at 10% CAGR be roll out new value-added OTT services quickly.


Without changes to the traditional operator models, service providers will find themselves squeezed with respect to increased usage growth while being outpaced by the new upstarts in Virtualization, Cloud and OTT providers. It has become increasing imperative that service providers learn to imbibe the new virtualization, cloud and value-added service offerings so that they can increase their service revenues and ensure good business growth.

The reality of operators and enterprise networks today is the rigidity of their networks and the lack of agility in offering new network based services. This agility gap needs to addressed to ensure network becomes an enabler and a growth vehicle that creates new business opportunity. Improved time to market and cost savings would enable operators realize sustainable increase in profitability.

In response to these challenges, network operators are re-inventing their networks to better leverage best practices in cloud elasticity and agility, Software Defined Networking (SDN), and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

Many major operators and large enterprises globally have announced plans to adopt a software centric networking strategy and embarked on a time bound roadmap in transforming their networks and organizations to the new software centric and cloud-based paradigm.

While AT&T was a vocal front runner, all major players such as Verizon, NTT Communication, Etalisat and others have announced similar plans and roadmaps to embark on software-centric and cloud-based network and workforce transformation.

This involves a full scale transformation of network and the organization in terms of business processes, roles and responsibilities, workforce skills and culture to ensure that the organization aligns and supports the new software-centric and devops driven strategy.

As a transformation and solution integration partner for operators and enterprises, Criterion Networks has been playing a major role in the transformation journey of our customers. Criterion Consulting Practice helps operators and enterprises with best practices and roadmaps in their business process, organizational, network and workforce transformation transition.