Jul - 2015

CNLabs ISO 17025 Certification a Huge Step to Credibility in SDN, M2M Testing

CNLabs recently announced that it received ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (ISO 17025) accreditation. Also known as General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, certification in the standard gives labs credibility as reliable facilities that follow correct procedures when testing. Formally known as Criterion Network Labs, CNLabs is an independent division of Criterion Networks Pvt ...

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May - 2015

How Ready Are Businesses For IPv6 Migration?

When the internet was created, it had space for 4.3 billion addresses. At that time, the number was huge. But according to reports, soon we’re likely to run out of IP addresses. A recent Wall Street Journal report states that there are only 3.4 million addresses left in North America, and those are likely to ...

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Dec - 2014

Building Locally. Thinking Globally

SDN Community-Building Symposia planned for India and Israel offer opportunities to share technology and build global SDN communities. While my calendar shows that 2014 is rapidly coming to a close and I am relieved to be on my last business trip of the year, I am already looking forward to the most exciting of my ...

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Oct - 2014

SDN: Unshackling the Network Application Environment

The software defined network (SDN) is intended to provide greater coordination between underlying network infrastructure and the configuration and architectural needs of business applications. Conceivably, this could result in apps like CRM and BI configuring their own network pathways and security/governance parameters, leaving broader policy and deployment issues to network administrators. One of the ways ...

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Sep - 2014

IPv6 user adoption in India hasn’t yet shown promising uptrend

In an exclusive interview, Srinivas Vegesna, Founder&CEO, Criterion Networks talks about the IPv6 scenario in India, skillset requirements and the company’s efforts in this area. What is the state of adoption of IPv6 in India? Has there really been any deployment of applications or systems by enterprises or government organisations that are specifically running on ...

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