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ONF Certified SDN Associate Exam Voucher

This purchase includes one (1) voucher for the ONF Certified SDN Associate (OCSA) Exam through a third party (ITPrenuers). Exam vouchers and instructions for registration will be provided within 24 hours of purchase.If your company is an ONF Member, contact us at from your company email address to obtain a 10% discount when purchasing the exam. You can verify your company’s membership here.

Exam Title:

ONF Certified SDN Associate (OCSA-110)

Exam Details:

40 questions in 60 minutes, with a 70% passing score. Full credit given for each correct answer, no partial credit, as all questions return a binary response (correct/incorrect).

Exam Delivery:

Delivered electronically via secure login, with attestation and affirmation of academic integrity by the candidate. An onsite proctor will be arranged for the scheduled exam time.

Credential Awarded:

ONF Certified SDN Associate (OCSA) upon successful completion of the exam.

Exam Purpose:

This certification exam attests and formally certifies that the successful candidate has vendor-neutral conceptual knowledge of the major domains of networking practices that support the theory and practice of Software-Defined Networking (SDN). It presupposes foundational knowledge in computer networking practices, and validates conceptual knowledge in how those computer networking foundations are affected in an SDN environment.

It is an entry-level certification examination for technical professionals asserting concept-level mastery of the SDN domain. Please refer to the ONF Certified SDN Associate Program website for additional details.

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