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Learning Lab: SDN


SDN Foundations Lab provides an on-demand SDN basic learning environment with many hands-on exercises. In accordance with the SDN architecture, the hands-on exercises are logically arranged into 3 parts (Infrastructure, Controller and Apps). With this lab, participants can understand the implementation of SDN architecture in detail by designing the SDN networks, explore GUI of controllers, capture openflow packets and develop basic SDN Apps using REST API for working with controllers.

Intended Audience

SDN Foundations Lab is intended for continued learning of professionals who went through SDN training previously or folks who are generally aware of SDN topics, but lack the time or wherewithal to access a ready-to-use Lab and premium lab exercise content for effective hands-on learning.

Course Flow

SDN Foundations Lab consists of detailed hands-on Lab exercises for participants to gain hands-on skills in the SDN environment.The course flow is as follows:

  • SDN-Infra – Focuses on practical skills needed to create SDN infrastructure
  • SDN Ctrl — Focuses on practical skills needed to work with SDN Controller (OpenDayLight)
  • SDN Apps — Focuses on practical skills needed to create SDN Applications


Participants are expected to have basic understanding and knowledge of SDN topics.

What will you get from this course?

  • Practical understanding and hands-on skills in SDN domain.
  • 24×7 Access to SDN Labs for hands-on learning
  • Detailed step-by-step SDN Lab exercises for effective hands-on learning
  • Email-based learning guidance and support

SDN Learning Lab