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  • Does the OCSA online training compare with your OCSA classroom training?

    As you know, Instructor driven classroom trainings for OCSA usually vary from 4 hours to 6 hours. Instructor can explain the topics by providing more examples based on participants background and questions asked.

    Our web-based OCSA training need 8 hours of focused learning time to complete the training, In this 8 hours of training, OCSA eLearning modules run for 4 hours. OCSA lab portion typically takes 4 hours.

  • Is the learning material being enough to pass the OCSA exam?

    The learning material covers the SDN concepts but won’t cover the legacy networking topics which is 15% of the exam. So, apart from that we have covered all the remaining 85% of OCSA syllabus.
    It’s good if you have some basic networking background else it would be better if you first brush up some basic networking topics.

  • Will CNAcademy will guide me for the exam registration?

    Yes, we will guide you for the exam registration process as well.
  • Can I discontinue my learning subscription?

    No, you can’t discontinue your learning in between the subscription period.
  • What is the pricing for the OCSA virtual learning program?

    The price of the OCSA online course is US$500 for a one-month subscription period. It is currently being offered at $400 on a promotional basis for a short duration.
  • Does the online course include the certification voucher cost?

    No, the certification exam cost is not included in the online course. Once you are ready to attend a certification exam, please purchase a OCSA exam voucher to request for OCSA certification exam.
  • How can I appear for the OCSA certification exam once I completed the OCSA online course?

    You can appear for the OCSA certification exam by purchasing the OCSA exam voucher and providing us your preferred exam dates/times. General list price for Certification exam fee (including proctoring charges) is around US$175.
  • What is offered in the subscription of the OCSA self-paced learning program?

    Once you purchase our course then you will get following offering:

      1. High-Quality eLearning video content
      You will get access approximately 4hr video content prepared by the certified trainer.
      2.Online Hands-on lab environment
      To practice the concepts, you will also get hands-on lab environment. The maximum duration of the lab will be 12 hours.
      3.Self-assessment practice test
      To evaluate your performance, you will also have the access of 4 (four) mock online practice test.
      4.Mentorship Support Session
      We will also schedule one mentorship support session. In this session you will get a chance to directly ask your queries from the certified trainer.
      5.Hand-outs for the future readings
      You can download the instructor’s slide-decks and all the supportive materials for your future references.


  • How long would it take me to complete the OCSA web-based training?

    How you structure and plan your learning and completion goals is entirely up to you.

    Our web-based OCSA training need 8 hours of focused learning time to complete the training, In this 8 hours of training, OCSA eLearning modules run for 4 hours. OCSA lab portion typically takes 4 hours.

    As you can see, it is easy to complete all the online learning modules of OCSA within a week if that is your goal. Many might prefer to take a few weeks to gain better understanding and practice of the SDN topics before attempting the exam.

  • Where can I find additional details on the OCSA certification learning program on your website?

    You can find basic details of the OCSA learning program under the Virtual Learning related offerings on our website. For further details, sign-up and access for the program, you need to login to our solution platform.
  • How can I purchase the OCSA virtual learning program?

    In case you haven’t already done it that, please complete your registration ( with Criterion Networks. In case you are already a registered user or once you finished the registration process, please login to the portal. You are required to login to be able to view, purchase and access Criterion’s on-demand sandbox and virtual learning offerings.

    Step 1. Once you login, you will see the login dashboard. Below is the dashboard snapshot.

    Step 2. You need to click on the “Explore Learnings Modules” in Learning section to navigate to our learning portfolio page.

    Step 3. OCSA learning is listed on the top of the learnings page as shown in the below screenshot.

    Step 4. Please click on OCSA Certification learning to take to the OCSA Certification learning program page where you can click on “Pay & Launch” to complete the learning purchase and start using the OCSA Certification Virtual Learning.

  • Could you provide me some snapshots of the internal pages so that I can get a better understanding of the program before I purchase it?

    Below are some snapshots of the OCSA Certification Virtual Learning Program.

    1. OCSA Certification Virtual Learning Dashboard Snapshot:

    2. OCSA LMS-based Learning Page Snapshot:


    3. OCSA Lab Exercises Page snapshot:

  • I am not interested in OCSA training as I am already comfortable with the OCSA exam topics. Can I directly appear for the OCSA certification exam.

    Yes. Please purchase the OCSA exam voucher with information on your preferred exam dates/times.
  • How can I review the slides after my subscription got expired?

    The slide deck used for the E-learning course is available for participants to download. You can use the document for reference later even after the subscription is expired.
  • Is the E-learning module just enough for passing the OCSA exam?

    Our E-learning course is developed by SDN experts who have been teaching the SDN Workshops to various corporates, retail participants across the globe with very high customer satisfaction. Being an active ONF member company, our experts were also advisors to the skills certification program. E-learning content have been developed with best intention to provide participants a real knowledge on SDN along with Hands-on exercises. We however recommend participants to spend good time to understand all the concepts in detail at self-pace, go through the important reference material provided along with the course before attempting the exam.
  • Does the E-learning content have 100% of concepts as per blue-print of OCSA?

    OCSA exam has 15% of questions dedicated for traditional Networking that are not covered in this course. This E-learning course attempts to provide important and relevant information for remaining 85% of questions.
  • What is the Prerequisite for going through this OCSA training?

    There is no specific prerequisite for going through this training. Basic concepts required to understand the entire course is taken care in the initial sections. However, familiarity and experience with traditional networking concepts will greatly help to understand and relate better of the new networking design compared to traditional design.
  • Who should I contact if there is any issue with the E-learning content?

    For any issues in launching or viewing the content, please send an email to

    For any issues or queries with the content itself, please send an email to

  • Can I share the any E-learning content or documents with my others?

    NO. All the documents and E-learning content can be used ONLY by you. If our software notice any misuse of the account, it will be de-activated automatically.
  • Can I extend the course duration beyond the current subscription period if I have not completed on time?

    Yes. You will have an option to auto-renew the course from the Criterion SDCloud portal.
  • Do we have any sample questions for OCSA exam?

    We have a sample assessment exam at the end of the E-learning course. Participants can get idea on the nature and intensity of the questions by attempting it.