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Vision & Values

Our vision

We aim to be the preferred SDN.NFV.Cloud transformation and solution integration partner to Operators and Large Enterprises improving new services revenue opportunity and reducing operational costs of our customers.

Our values

At Criterion Networks the emphasis we place on values reflects on our approach, delivery and customer interactions. Every employee at Criterion Networks is committed to embrace these values as part of their assimilation into the organization.


Meeting commitments

We understand that your business depends on timely delivery of services. We always strive to deliver on our promises in all aspects. We take measures to ensure that every customer project is tracked closely, any escalations handled in a timely manner and projects are taken to successful completion.


We are sticklers for quality and want to ensure that as our customer you get no less. Our stringent quality processes ensure that our test and conformance reports are detailed and in an easy to understand format. We leverage our learning offerings from Criterion Academy to ensure that all our engineers and lab associates are fully trained and understand the scope and importance of their test efforts. As a commitment to our quality statement we have ensured that our lab is ISO 17025 accredited and which assures customers of the laboratory’s technical competency and quality/accuracy of the test data from our lab. The lab has implemented a Quality Management System that is audited on a regular basis to ensure continued compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Our Accredition Body NABL, (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) has an Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with ILAC. The International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation arrangement guarantees that test results meet the same minimum standards for quality globally and are acceptable between different governmental and regulatory organizations on regional, national and international levels.

Expertise and Innovation

Our engineers and lab administrators are trained and supported by veterans with several decades of experience in the network industry and in leading high performance teams. At Criterion Networks, building expertise and fostering innovation is a continuous process. We can relate very well to the challenges faced by our customers in developing, deploying and administering their networks. With our offerings we hope to enable you to focus on your core business activities, help reduce time to market and mitigate any interoperability and conformance risks associated with new technology adoption on your products.

Meeting customer requirements a.k.a Customer Satisfaction

You would agree with us that the outcome of the project is as important as the steps to get there. While we will work with you closely at the early stages of the project to do detailed scoping, its quite possible that you may not have anticipated all the changes upfront. Periodic checks are integral to our engagement process and we promise to be flexible as needed and work with you through the course of the project so that your end goals are achieved. It is very important to us that our customer is satisfied in every aspect of the engagement. Outside of our formal feedback process do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel any aspect is lacking during the project.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to constantly evolve our process, expertise, increase customer satisfaction and productivity of our teams.

Our promise

As our name implies, we aspire to be the benchmark for network solution deployment and services for network products. When you partner with us, you are assured of a very high quality of service, attention to detail and timely deliverables.