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About Us

Criterion Networks Overview

Founded in 2013, Criterion Networks is a network transformation and solution integration company helping enterprises and network operators achieve their business objectives by enabling adoption of next-generation technologies like SDN, NFV, and the Cloud, which are fast shaping up the future of networking.

In collaboration with our ecosystem partners, Criterion Networks offers open, multi-vendor SDN/NFV solutions that can be customized to meet your needs. Our highly-scalable cloud deployment platform, SDCloud, helps customers quickly evaluate, validate, and scale these solutions.

Criterion Networks boasts of a full-fledged consulting practice that allows customers to engage with us in all aspects of solution design and development. Our strong system integration team has capabilities for integrating legacy and next-generation networking infrastructure solutions. Criterion Network Labs, our internationally-known vendor-neutral and independent test laboratory, helps validate network products and solutions.

Our leadership team brings with them extensive domain expertise in telecom, networking, and IT. We are your trusted partner when it comes to network programmability, deployment, manageability, and troubleshooting needs in increasingly disaggregated network and virtualized environments.

    Our capabilities and accomplishments include the following:

  • Multi-vendor SDN/NFV solution integration and deployment expertise
  • Solutions based on open architectures for network operators and large enterprises
  • Rapid delivery of multi-vendor SDN /NFV solutions through our SDCloud platform
  • ISO 17025-Accredited, ONF-Approved SDN Certifications through CNLabs
  • Workforce SDN/NFV skills retooling
  • Multi-vendor and vendor-specific Interoperability and Independent Verification testing
  • Organizer, Open Networking India Summit 2015/2016
  • Leader of several interoperability activities and open-source projects
  • Broad and deep technical partnerships with switch vendors as well as application and software developers
  • Active engagements with the OpenDayLight, ONOS, OPNFV, ONF, and OpenStack communities